Yo ✌️

I'm Cyrus Duong (he/him), a webdev that loves speed and the bleeding edge.

Need an example? See the blog posts of how this accessible site came together using Deno, Nano.jsx, Three.js and other bleeding-edge libraries.

About me

I have been developing native apps, websites, and progressive web apps since 2015. So far, my time has given me the fortunate ability to play with some of the latest and greatest libraries and tech out there.

Right now, I'm working with the amazing engineers over at Bounteous co-innovating with clients to create amazing digital experiences.

Before that, I was working with AGI SureTrack on their FMIS (Farm Management Information System) to consolidate big data from our equipment, as well as other vendors' equipment. We mapped this info alongside USGS weather data to their field boundaries to calculate potential yield and ROI. We could then engage agronomists and growers to make sound agronomic decisions backed up by data.

There is always an endless list of things to learn, but below is a list of technologies I have experience with.

Tech Stack

  • AWS S3
  • Amazon CloudWatch
  • Docker(-compose)
  • Kubernetes
  • NextJS
  • React
  • Deno
  • Node
  • Express
  • react-native(-web)
  • Ruby (on Rails)
  • Linux/MacOS/Windows
  • Rust
  • Actix Web
  • PHP
  • GraphQL
  • Mapbox/Mapshaper
  • Recoil
  • Redux(-Saga/-Toolkit)
  • Nginx
  • Sentry
  • Jest
  • Brwoserstack



This site

The learning playground.


Caesars Rewards Web App

Increase customer interaction and redemption of targeted rewards.

AGI Suretrack

FMIS (Farm Management Information System)

Derive agronomic decisions on the field using big data.


iOS / Web Kiosk eSignature App

Automate, capture, and process patient related forms.